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Updated: Jul 18

Starting a list here, not putting anything into nice language yet, just getting ideas out so that we can build and edit as time goes on...

Something about simplicity - "I also have felt strongly since meeting you that the climbing and clawing I thought somehow in life was necessary for success isn't - that settling, living, and loving is success. Why chase the endless journey to the top when we have heaven in front of us?" (LW, 7/15/2020) Surely there is a yoga principle for this? Maybe something about being close to each other, related to the quote you have about love growing better in small houses?

Freedom as togetherness and unity of purpose... Colson Whitehead quote that I painted on my wall at Abaarso... will write more when I have time.

Trusting each other, communicating and being completely honest and raw about our feelings, fears, wants, etc. It's what brought us so close so quickly and what will keep us together.

This goes kind of with the above one - to practice radical transparency about our love, needs, fears & hold a safe space for you to do the same.

To protect our lives by remaining surrounded by people who treat others with love, respect, and freedom to be their authentic selves.

To take care of myself emotionally and physically so that I can be a loving and supportive part of our family and role model to our children.

To cherish the time we have together.

To encourage one another growth and to make the effort to grow together.

To remind you how loved you are every day through my actions and words.

To read to you stories, poems, quotes and lyrics that bring joy.

To walk into the ocean and trust that I am safe with you no matter how many bits of unknown brush my leg.

I promise to always clean your ears and rub your feet and include you in my monthly foot peels.

I promise to never stop saying 'that's what she said' jokes.

To engage in my curiosity for life and invite you to join me for dreams I have whether it is to swim with beluga whales, learn a skill together or simply try a new recipe.

To stay young in spirit as we grow old. To keep an open mind as times change. To leave everyone we spend time with feeling refreshed, hopeful, at peace. To be, as a couple and as individuals, sources of love and hope, rather than hate and fear.

To never take one another's trust for granted, or poke fun at each other's fears, or erode the honesty that we show each other by doing something, even in joke, that would damage it.

To build our lives around one another, understanding that we both want meaningful and satisfying careers and may sometimes need to sacrifice for them, but that ultimately our family is the center of our life together.

I know we had talked about others, do you remember offhand??


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