Today feelings

Good morning love,

Not feeling much better this morning, unfortunately. Wanting to write a bit here so it's not in our conversations. Trying to just distract myself and work through as I know that not getting things done will make the feeling worse, both by allowing myself to feel down and also by adding the regret of being unproductive.

  • How will I transition away from a work-centered life?

  • How will I allow myself to not feel so competitive and prideful about my work?

  • What will I do that fits my values, is relevant, gives me a sense of satisfaction, earns money and gives me flexibility?

  • Why am I here and sacrificing all this if I'm offending people or not even doing a good job?

Anyway, there are my thoughts. Going to try to return my focus to this week only, and what I want to get done.

I have 10pm on my calendar every night now. Will make sure that we have that time every day, even if I'm feeling down.

I love you always.


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