Thank you, Peter Singer.

Thank you...


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Your kindness & thoughtfulness

My chattiness with virtual strangers

Clam Pass

Peter Singer


Corona Virus

Charlie for showing me how much I love sharing adventure, health and sport with a partner; for bringing me into a family that cherished the simplicity of spending time together, cooking together, sitting in silence together, supporting one another and putting aside meaningless conflict while addressing meaningful conflict in an open and mature way.

Alexander The Worst for showing me that a person can be truly loved and separate from the messiness of a broken family background; for helping me understand how important empathy & vulnerability in a partner are to me, that 'all that glimmers is not gold' and that no amount of legacy, wealth or prestigious education can guarantee success without kindness and the willingness to help others.

Mike for showing me the peace and comfort of consistent companionship, for teaching me love and trust through action rather than words, and for showing me that deep respect, admiration and connection between two people does not always mean romantic life partnership. But most of all, thank you Mike for providing a gentle, safe and unconditional shelter for my heart so the search for its home did not feel so lonely.

For helping me meet and recognize you.


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