Sunrise in Loveville

Dear Lauren,

I feel grateful for the road trip that we just took, and that we used our final few days before I left to meet friends and family, walk through old neighborhoods, and begin the long process of stitching our lives together. The people we saw are the ones who will light up our wedding weekend and then return for Loveville Rambles; help raise our children and be there so that we can (occasionally) escape from our children; share in old memories and make new ones.

It seems important to me that these people now know us in our magical first few weeks. They opened their houses to us, encouraged us into the ocean, listened to you bubble after our second date that you had met your husband, asked what our intentions are, and reassured us about putting our commitment in ink. They’ve seen our sunrise.

So as we get older together, as passion comes and goes, as we work through difficulties, and as life takes unexpected turns, these friends and family can celebrate our life together and also remind us of the couple we hope to be - the couple that we and they both know we can be.

They’ll see the whole process, the becoming. As beautiful as these first few weeks have been, you and I both know from our bedtime reading of The Velveteen Rabbit that “It doesn’t happen all at once…It takes a long time. [And] it doesn’t often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.”

Now comes the journey, just like the short one we made over the past few days. Talking. Sometimes silence. Long stretches of sun and mirage heat. Planning. Listening for directions. More talking. More silence. Reconnecting. Arguing. Laughing. Reassuring. Stopping to stretch. Resolving. Dreaming. Growing. And doing it all in the (love) language of distance that isn’t natural to either of us.

We can make it, though. Neither of us breaks easily, or requires careful keeping. We know that, and so do our friends. Our wrists say so, too; sun and sunlight are never separate, and no matter what, the sun rises, which is what I’ve always loved about the East Coast that we just drove up.

No one waits and watches for the day to end when they saw how it began.




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