Grilled Red Pepper & Ricotta Spinach

I just remembered that time at the market
You snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
And rode down aisle 5
You looked behind you and smiled back at me
Crashed into a rack full of magazines
They asked us if we could leave

When I previously tried a vegan or vegetarian diet (for various reasons), my biggest challenge was the increased stress of new recipes and unfamiliar ingredients. My meat-centric brain was overwhelmed with recipe searching, label reading and scouring grocery aisles for ingredients like nutritional yeast. I found it exhausting to the point that it eliminated the benefits I was seeking from such diets.

Having James around for grocery shopping trips was not only fun (and romantic - cue visions of cute couples in the grocery and of course John Mayer's 'Comfortable' ), but allowed me to relax. I left the ingredients to the vegetarian veteran (when we first met, James had been vegetarian for 13 years).

Trying to make the most of the leftover ingredients from dishes we made allowed me to tap into my creative side - all without worrying about ingredients as the kitchen was now full of vegetarian friendly ingredients.

The first dish I improvised ended up being delicious and one I have pre-planned to make since. It was inspired by a lemon ricotta salad I remember having years ago at a cute Sicilian restaurant in South Kensington called Iddu. I've checked their website and menu to see how similar the dish is from my memory, but sadly cannot find any savory dishes with ricotta on their menu today.


Olive Oil

Minced Garlic

Lemon Juice

Sliced Red Bell Pepper

Ricotta Cheese





1. Heat the olive oil in a pan on high heat pan and sauté garlic

2. Once the garlic becomes more fragrant and lightly browned, add the bell peppers

3. When you get your preferred level of grill marks on the red peppers, reduce heat to low

4. Add lemon juice and spinach to the pan to wilt the spinach any amount

5. With a scoop of ricotta in a serving bowl, plate the contents of the pan around or on top of the ricotta.

6. Optional - salt, pepper and add additional lemon juice to the dish


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