Family Room

In Architectural Digest or the blueprints of dream houses, one will find most American homes have a family room. The room has a coffee table, sofa, love seat and perhaps a chair or two. Often a TV is present. Perhaps it is my own experience speaking, but it seems in many homes the family room is the least used room and simply there because its existence is customary.

I dream of a family room without a TV yet it is the most frequently used room in the home.

An entire wall of shelves containing the books we've read and wish to read.

A piano.

A guitar.

A fireplace with a nearby bench to gather.

A record player.

A space for a vase - always full with fresh cut flowers.

Lots of board games.

Enough floorspace to lay out a drop cloth to paint on or do messy crafts.

A basket of slippers for each member of the family and the guests that frequent our home.

Enough candles spaced throughout the room so that lights are not necessary on cozy evenings.

Lots of old, worn blankets.

A reading nook, perhaps beginning in the space of a large bay window, with tons of pillows and enough space for the whole family to cuddle and read together. It would be near the fireplace so in winters the heat could be felt, but not close enough to the fire that cozy blankets to wrap ourselves in would be unnecessary. Touching the glass of the window would allow you to feel the cold of a winter night.

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